Franklin Furniture HeadquartersSince 1970 Franklin Corporation has been recognized for supplying quality upholstered motion furniture worldwide. Our superior quality, outstanding comfort, and innovative products are designed and engineered to provide years of service with minimum care.


Franklin Corporation is one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers in the United States with over 1,300 dedicated employees. Hassell Franklin, founder and CEO, and Mark Franklin, President and Chief Operating Officer, along with our management team are developing strategic plans to ensure our company’s growth and continued success for years to come.


Over our 40-year existence, Franklin Corporation has undergone countless building expansions now totaling over 1,100,000 square feet and technological improvements in various areas to meet our customers’ needs. Our philosophy has always been to strengthen relationships with new and existing customers by offering value pricing, exceptional service, and on-time delivery.
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One of the major keys to the success of Franklin Corporation has been our efficient world-class facilities.  We are structured for vertical integration controlling all aspects from raw materials to manufacturing and distribution for quality assurance purposes.
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