466 Stallion Collection

The Stallion Collection is a great way to add extra seating to your room.  This group features built in recliners, a storage console with cupholders, and the optional additional seating.  Upholstered in a 100% polyester material created to give the look and hand of leather, this group brings a classic look to any room.  So sit back, relax, put your feet up and let this sectional welcome you home.

This collection features Franklin’s exclusive Wow Seating System, a unique combination of premium springs and gel injected seating foam that come together to deliver the best seat in the market place today.



  • Extra Wide Seats
  • Subtle Scooped Seating
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Wow Seating System
  • Made in America

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Available Pieces

 No.   Description    WxDxH
46601 Left Arm Recliner 42 x 40 x 40
46677 Storage Console 14 x 40 x 40
46603 Armless Chair 31.5 x 40 x 40
46699 Seating Wedge 69.5 x 41 x 40
46607 Armless Recliner 31.5 x 40 x 40
46602 Right Arm Recliner 42 x 40 x 40

Smart Features

The 466 Stallion Collection may be customized with any of the following popular options*:

No.          Smart Features                           Description

46601               25                    POWER RECLINE Left Arm Recliner

46602               25                    POWER RECLINE Right Arm Recliner

46677               QS                   QI CHARGER – SLOTTED W/USB Storage                                                    Console


*Note: not all options are available in all styles. Contact your Franklin retailer for more information.


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  1. Great sofa
    By JOE, of Belle chasse la.

    Just purchased the Stallion 6 pc. Sectional, for its look, feel, and price tag. We replaced our worn out LAZYBOY, same configuration as our new one, minus 2 inboard armrests. The Franklin design wins over our previous sofa set, for several reasons. Our Lazyboy remained comfortable thru it’s entire service life, but was a beast to move. Being a sofa and a loveseat joined by a round corner section without armrests,The stallion comes in 6 pieces, as opposed to 3. One thing I noticed is that the Lazyboy being a solid sofa with matching armrests pushed together with its matching corner wedge, was very stable and heavy enough to resist movement caused by me getting off of it while recliner was open, however I like the 6 piece arrangement for ease of moving the entire set such as getting it home or moving to a new home or moving it up stairs, etc.
    I wanted to recover my Lazyboy, I loved that sofa, and thought I’d never find another sofa set with this round corner that looks good from the back so it can be in center of a room.
    I shopped many brands in this class and was disappointed with textures firmness, value, and dimensions were all wrong in my opinion.
    The stallion is as strong of a set as you will find in this class of furniture, it is constructed well, and the negative reviews I read did not phase me in deciding what I wanted, it’s your money folks, once you spend it whatever you buy is yours, choose wisely, I chose the STALLION 6 PC. SET.
    TO reuppolster my previous sofa was going to cost at least 1 thousand dollars more than I paid for my new set.
    Things to look for in quality of sofas, such as materials workmanship, accuracy. LOOK UNDERNEATH, behind look at the heavy duty springs, the mechanisms, the work that goes into cutting out all these parts, painting them assembling them, look at the wood, yes it’s pine, so is your house, but look further and you will see it’s glued it’s milled, it’s way thicker than the one that cracked when I threw it in the dumpster. The joints are true the cuts are perfect, the techniques are Artisan, that goes from the framework, to the Build-out, and bolstering, all the way to finishing up with seams and stitching.
    Take a look at the back of the corner piece, that RADIUS is formed by plywood, which is thick and layered on a bias, it’s strong it’s cut accurately, but also note that by not having to destroy a tree to cut a plank a foot wide to get those arcs then discarding the scraps, were saving trees. Now granted trees are a renewable resource, think about the millions of homes that have furniture, and it’s great planning of a company like this to not fill dumpsters with useless wasted materials, but rather only use what’s necessary to create a piece of furniture.


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