544 Lola Push Back Recliner

The Lola push back recliner chair is going to be your favorite chair as soon as you get it home. Featuring Franklin’s Comfort Grid Seating, the Lola has a layer of plush memory foam that provides orthopedic support to sooth and relieve pain. Offered in a wide variety of colors and prints, contact your dealer today to customize the Lola recliner chair to your personal taste.


  • Customize this recliner with your favorite print or plain fabric by contacting your Franklin retailer.
  • Contemporary push back recliner
  • Made in America
  • This Push Back Recliner Also Features Franklin’s Exclusive Comfort Grid Seating System

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Available Pieces

No.   Description    WxDxH
544 2-Way Hi Leg Recliner 32.5 x 37.25 x 49.5


Smart Features

The 544 Lola Push Back Recliner may be customized with any of the following popular options*:

Style         Smart Feature                            Description

544                     P2                          WITH 2 MATCHING PILLOWS

*Note: not all options are available in all styles. Contact your Franklin retailer for more information.


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  1. Very Comfortable
    By Mary Edwards, of St. Louis

    This little recliner chair is very comfortable and supportive. It’s easy to sit up straight and read, and you don’t have to worry about sliding out.

  2. Present
    By Ernesto, of Dilworth, MN

    I got this for my wife because she loves funky furniture and she had been bugging me about a chair for the bedroom. It’s actually pretty comfortable and supportive.

  3. Very Nice
    By Ray, of Washington, MI

    My wife and I both have back problems and find the recliner extremely comfortable and well made. The cushions are very supportive and conform to the body providing just the right amount of support.

  4. Let me count the ways...
    By cuivre, of Corpus Christi, TX

    I love this recliner. For starters, it looks like a regular chair and is of reasonable scale. It’s made in the USA, so besides pleased to support a US business, no funny smells to hopefully get rid of when it got here. The rest of it is comfort, comfort, comfort. I don’t sit in anything else in the living room any more, and as a result, hip and low back pain of many years is gone.


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